What does it take to succeed in America today?  Getting equipped for the workplace and launching a career have never been easy.  And for today’s young people, the climb is steeper and rockier than ever before.

As every successful entrepreneur understands, success today depends even more on qualities of character—like grit, guts and heart—than on I.Q., credentials or connections.  It is a constellations of character traits that we teach in Be Somebody!  The Best of Cowboy Ethics and The Try.  

This educational leadership training program uses an experiential, interactive approach that inspires participants to think and decide for themselves who they are at the core and what they stand for.  Participants are taken through a journey of self-discovery where they ask themselves  “What kind of person do I aspire to be?”, “Where do I want my life to go?”, and “What does success mean to me, and what do I need to be doing to move in that direction?”

Upon completion of the session, participants will receive a certificate stating they have “developed their own code to live by” and that they have successfully completed the program.